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CES 2010 Useless Product Number 1: V-Screen


CES 2010 was chalk full of lame ass products and this weird fish eye screen was just one of them.  The display they had going was the V-Screen on top of a regular screen showing just how useless this product is.  I think they are trying to make some type...

Razer Chimaera Professional Gaming Headset for Xbox 360

Razer Chimaera Professional Gaming Headset For Xbox 360


In addition, or to compliment to the Onza Controller, Razer also has plans for a wireless headset built specifically for the Xbox 360, the Chimarea.  It incorporates 5.1-channel virtually surround sound and a daisy-chain solution that lets players, who are residing in the same physical location, to created a private...

Razer Onza xbox Controller

Razer Onza Xbox 360 Controller

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It’s about time Razer started to build some gaming gear for us console gamers.  Availability is still TBD, but we do know, aside from the slight aesthetic differences over the regular Xbox 360 controller, that the Onza controller includes their hyper response buttons, an analog stick with adjustable tension and...


Cydle i30 ATSC Mobile DTV For iPhone & iPod Touch


With the South African World Cup looming around the corner (150 days from now), Mobile TV is something you might need for your iPhone.  Also doubling as a battery extender, the i30 has a built in speaker and a retractable antenna for grasping  that all important signal. No word just...


This Is Awesome: The Korg PitchJack Tuner


Tuning your electric guitar or bass generally required a quarter inch cable.  No longer.  The Korg PitchJack totally eliminates the cable with a one plug device that jacks right into your guitar.  Available in three colors (black, white, or red) this micro tuner has adjustable angles and appropriate LED’s that...

Cydle Mp3 and Video Player - 1

CES 2010: Cydle Mobile TV and HD Radio PMP’s


Cydle had some cool looking PMP’s at their booth by way of one HD radio and Mobile TV players.  Each were priced at a decent subscription free $120 and should see shelf time around March of this year.  The players could be viewed vertically and horizontally and had a host...

iGugu - 06

CES 2010: iGuGu GameCore Hands On


When it comes to gaming I’m all about my Xbox 360.  Years ago I tried my hands at PC gaming, and while it’s extremely easy to obtain pirated games for the PC, I still prefer a dedicated console, living room couch and a designated video game controller. Now a company...

iLuv App Station - 1

CES 2010: iLuv App Station iMM190


For those of you that just love iPhone dock news, iLuv had its new App Station on display at CES and it was mildly refreshing amongst the sea of competitors.  The App Station works directly with the iLuv compatible app that turns the display into a giant alarm clock.  The...