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Technocel Ear Vibe Headphones

Ear Vibe: Technocel’s Answer To Lodged Ear Wax


Fact checking isn’t always a priority for companies when it comes to PR blasts.  Such is the case with Technocel, who is laying claim to the “first stereo headset that vibrates to the beat of your music”.  Oh, only if that were true.  Last week, Jeff reviewed the Pineapple Electronic’s...

Mad Catz Cyborg Mouse

Mad Catz’s Cyborg Mouse Are Ready To Terminate

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If Terminatior Salvation (the movie sucked) ever had a mouse in it, this would be it.  The Mad Catz Cyborg line of mouse are designed for the hardcore PC gamer.  According to their CEO “the key points of contact between the gamer’s hand and the mouse are fully adjustable allowing...


Sling Touch Control 100 Sure Is Purrrrty

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Sling Media has most certainly found a significant place in the hearts of DVR road warriors.  But now the company is trying to appeal those folks who aren’t on the road so much, but are significant home bodies. The Sling Touch Control is a beauty of a home theater remote,...


Lenovo’s Skylight Smartbook Bows For CES

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Just in time for CES, Lenovo is readying a new smartbook called the Skylight, a refination on the netbook concept.  It weighs less than two pounds and features its own specialized interface to make getting online faster and easier than ever before. This little dynamo offers up ten solid hours...