Daily Archives: January 5, 2010

Amulet-Chrome Remote

Amulet Voice Controlled Remote


I’m still not sold on voice control…in any product.  But for those who are handicapped or lack the necessary dexterity to change the channel it might just be a God send.  The Amulet Remote, which is apparently on their second iteration, is a voice activated remote that can control your...

iHome iP2

iHome Announces Mid End iP2 iPhone Dock


Early last year iHome launched the iP1, a stylish high end iPhone/iPod docking system that boasted their patented Bongiovi Acoustic Digital Power Station technology.  One problem, though: it cost $300.  So iHome went back to the drawing board and came up with the iP2.  Though it lacks the same luster...

Nexus One

Google Phone, Nexus One, Now Available


I’m really not all that excited about the prospect of a Google phone, but I’m sure there are more than enough of you out there.  Today the search giant finally made the Google Nexus phone official.  In fact, you can purchase it right now.  Unlocked it will cost you $529,...

iPazzport Keyboard Touchpad

iPazzPort: A Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard And Touchpad


If you’re not feeling Lenovo’s Bluetooth Trackball Keyboard setup then checkout Brando’s offering, the iPazzPort Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard and Touchpad.  Instead of a trackball or mouse, it incorporates a trackpad complimented by a backlit keyboard.  Connectivity comes by way of Bluetooth making it widely compatible with most home theater PCs...

spracht aura

Spracht Aura Headset Might Just Be Coolest Ever


The Spracht Aura, ladies and gentlemen, may sound like a total kludge in terms of naming conventions, but I can assure you that anyone who calls this the coolest Bluetooth headset ever is not speaking out of turn, but is rather arguably correct. Sure, any time you introduce value judgments...