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Spillarium Fish Tank

Spillarium Fish Tank, A Wanna Be Infinity Pool For Fish


An infinity pool is probably out of most people’s budgets, heck even available acreage.  Enter the Spillarium.  While it’s a long shot from a pool for your own dipping pleasure, your fishies should most certainly enjoy it and at the very least you can live vicariously through them.  A small...


ZOMM Is A Bluetooth Wireless Leash For Your Cell Phone

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The ZOMM, as the manufacturer so elegantly put it, is a ‘wireless leash’ for you cell phone.  Just pair the device to your phone’s Bluetooth and when it wonders out of proximity an alarm sounds notifying you of your absent minded ways.  All the while it can also double as...


Keystone Eco Tag Marks Your Luggage And Charges Batteries


It’s a luggage tag!  No, it’s a solar powered battery charger! No…unbelievably enough, it’s BOTH. It’s the Keystone Eco Tag, and it attaches to your attache–or any other piece of luggage–just like any other luggage tag.  It’s got a space for you to pencil in your name and address and...