TV-Ears-2.3 small

It’s a sad fact of life, folks…as we age, our capabilities become somewhat, well, declined.  Our eyesight is less sharp, we don’t taste things near as vibrantly, walking can be a pain–literally and figuratively.  And of course, our hearing goes.

And when our hearing goes down, the volume on our television sets goes UP. Way up, sometimes.

But now we may have the answer to age-induced partial deafness–the TV Ears.

These aren’t just ordinary sound amplifying headsets, these are sound amplifying headsets that focus on the spoken word.  Now the dialogue you hear will be amplified, not the explosion or the car chase scene, so you can turn down the volume but still enjoy your favorite show.

Getting old isn’t easy–just ask someone who already is!–but with technology and a bit of grace, we can at least make it suck less.