The TMT wallet is available in CNC machined anodized Aluminum or Delrin plastic and features much of what can be found on those old Swiss Army Knives.  Totally the wallet of the future, the TMT has a built in compass, ink pen, toothpick, tweezers, carbide glass breaker, a self defense striking edge, and o-ring seals to prevent water, sand, dirt, or dust from entering the fortified zone.

Damage!  Each wallet also has a removable stainless steel money/credit card clip in addition to two secret interior compartments, and even provides RFID protection.  The aluminum one is more expensive at $125 while the plastic version is at $85.

I wonder what it feels to sit on one of these?  The self defense striking edge is crazy too in that you’d never believe the headline, “Man bludgeoned by wallet”.

[via TheGadgeteer]


Jeff B