Well, folks, it’s not every day I see Legos converted into more useful things.  Sure, I had a host of Legos when I was a kid–I favored arming mine with small Lego weapons and making vast interstellar space fleets of horribly mismatched ships–but even I couldn’t have conceived of this device: the Lego Mouse.

Yes, it’s a mouse, made to look like a single huge (for a Lego) brick.  It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac, and it’s a basic two button mouse with a scroll wheel, along with an 800 DPI sensor and a USB connection.  The critical difference here is that it’s shaped like a huge red Lego brick.

And if you’re desperate to push a big red Lego around your desk to move your mouse pointer, then you too can get one of these for the pretty high price of $31.96.