gray & blue HUGlight

If you’ve ever been in bed at night longing for a good read, but sick of all the various book lights out there–they sit on the nightstand, they hook the book, maybe you’ve tried head lamps or resting the light on your shoulder.  Well, Amazon has heard your pleas for a better alternative, and over there, you can buy yourself the Huglight.

Just $15.00 on Amazon gets you what may well be one of the most versatile booklights of all time, with the ability to wrap it around your neck and provide light in most any direction thanks to its flexible frame construction.  You can bend it into a bedside lamp or wrap it around your wrist for jobs that need light in tight spaces, and there are plenty of alternatives where that came from.

There are a whole lot of uses for something great like this, and I’m sure you can already think of several.  And they probably don’t all involve a copy of Jurassic Park in bed, either.