Now here’s an exciting picture for you, folks–what you’re seeing right there is a shot of the Google Phone, the Nexus One. Pics of this thing have been leaking like a sieve to the web at large and initial reports are conflicting at best.

Google employees, of course, are operating under STRICT agreements not to talk specs–if they actually say anything even related to specs their firstborn children vanish in a puff of smoke, and if they don’t have any children, well, something ELSE vanishes instead.  Okay, that’s just a joke, but still–the Google crew may be contractually forbidden from saying word one, but that didn’t stop the blogosphere!  In fact, a San Francisco blogger named Cory O’ Brien got one of these fellas and clames that it’s basically an iPhone but with a slightly larger screen and a scroll wheel.  PC World, however, was underwhelmed.

And naturally, the whole thing runs on Google’s own OS, Android.  Admittedly that was pretty much a given, but still.  Look for this one to launch possibly in 2010, and keep it here for all the latest details on the Nexus One!