bev wizard wine pourer

All right, folks, listen up, because today we’re gonna get some CULTURE.

The field of “wine accessories” isn’t actually a very widely traveled one, especially around here. But as it turns out, a myriad of different gadgets can be found to handle the vino.

And today we’re talking about the Bev Wizard Wine Pourer.  Available from the Wine of the Month Club, this little add-on attaches to any bottle of wine at the mouth.  From there, wine travels through the Bev Wizard Wine Pourer which, get this, uses “the combination of aeration and a high intensity magnetic field” to reduce the polyphenol count of your favorite bottle of wine.  Polyphenols, basically, are tannins that give wine a bitter or really strong taste, and this device removes them.

As cool as it is to tell people you’re pouring their wine through a high intensity magnetic field, I figure people will be a lot more freaked out by that than happy about it.  Still though, if you really want to blow people’s minds at your next holiday gathering, just try this one on!