Stuart Hughes is a name you may not have heard of very often, but after today, you’re either going to be glad you’ve never heard of it or wish you could hear more.

These are the guys who came out with the Gold Wii and the Gold iPhone, and they’ve got a new golden toy for you–the Gold PS3.

Yes, it’s a PS3 that’s been covered in a layer of 22-karat gold.  It takes twelve weeks to convert an ordinary PS3 into a Gold PS3, and 1,600 grams of gold.

What?  That’s not sufficient bling?–you say derisively.  Well, hold on, because this sucker’s ALSO got 58 Flawless diamonds around the sides of the disc slot.  AND there are only THREE of them in the world!

These will sell out quick at a meager $320,066 (199,995 in pounds sterling), and it could easily be considered the height of excess.  No one specifically needs a gaming system, so to have one gold-plated and trimmed with diamonds represents taking a want and making it even more so.