Recon Goggles

Whose got the most bad ass Skiing/Snowboarding goggles on the block?  Recon Instruments, that’s who.  Fittingly called the Recon Goggles the mainstay of this winter wonderland accessory is its HUD (heads up display).  That’s right.  Inside the goggles, right in front of your eyes is a display that shows your GPS location, speed, altitude, time, stopwatch, your phone’s screen and perhaps even your friend’s location on the mountain.  They’re due out next Fall and are said to cost about $350 – $400.

Recon Goggles-2

I’m a bit skeptical to how far along the technology has come, but conceptually this idea could be good and bad.  The HUD could be distracting to the skier and  durability in the case of a mean spill will be in serious question.  Nonetheless, a HUD would be useful for warnings, such as ledges, avalanches and other hazards.

[via Besportier]


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