purse lights

You’ve got to admit, that the whole concept of carrying a purse is a little strange.  A big handbag that opens in the center?  That’s just kind of a faulty design.  After all, how are you supposed to see anything in there?  What you really need is something that opens up from the side so you can see right away what’s there.

Or, conversely, you could shell out $17.95 and get your hands on a pack of three Purse Lights in your choice of colors.  They’re LED lights in one of six colors–pink, blue, black, zebra, chrome or leopard–that attached to the inside of your purse and click on at the touch of a button.  The LED light illuminates the cavernous inside of your purse and allows you to see all the way inside, so you can quickly find whatever’s in there.

Also, it’s great for emergencies–just detach the light and you’ve got a small hand flashlight.

I will admit that purses ARE a great idea for being prepared for most any circumstances, and you ladies definitely have the edge on us gents with our little wallets on that score.  But the Purse Light should be that last extra missing piece of the puzzle to complete your preparedness package.  What good is it to have everything you need but not know where it is?