Yobo FC GO

If you’ve got a bunch of SNES (as in Super Nintendo) cartridges kicking around you can now put them to good use…while on the road.  Say what?  The Yobo FC 16 GO, a portable SNES console, is the kind of stuff I dreamt about when I had my first NES console, and now it has become reality.

For just a mere 60 greenbacks you get a 3.5-inch flip screen, a built-in control pad and what seems to be two wireless controllers when you have it jacked into a TV.  Surprisingly for this little money they’ve also included a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Sure, it’s not as pocket friendly as the this portable gaming device and or as versatile, but $60, hells yes.

[via Thanks, Dan]


Christen Costa

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