Looking for a new pair of earbuds?  Look further.  The PineApple Electronics Vibrating Earbuds have to be the most dull earbuds I have ever had the discrete pleasure of listening to.

Their whole gimmick is that they vibrate in your ears to the music.  In theory,  it “sounds” like a great idea, but in reality they make a mockery of sound reproduction with their muddy as all hell bass and almost non existent treble and mid range.

They actually look really nice and are fairly lightweight.  They also boast a 100% waterproof feature because they don’t have any earholes.  They use the new fangled “Bone Conduction” technology to deliver the sound and it sh(bl)ows.  I have reviewed bone conduction underwater earphones before and the sound really suffered because of it.  I understand the reason for incorporating this tech into something that is designed to work underwater, but for something like this, which doesn’t need bone conduction for proper sound, I just don’t get it.

The buds are easily marked and come with three different sized inserts.  The cord is split and is really too long for its own good.  With no clip it tends to hang all over the place and gets in the way of trying to do anything active.


The main problem with the vibrating feature is that they pretty much vibrate out of your ears.  They are also really ticklish and make you feel like there is something itching at your inner ear.  Every once in a while I enjoyed the vibrating bass, but it was really more annoying than anything.

The sound was really hard to find anything positive about and it really seems as though the designers just dialed out the treble and mid range and cranked the bass without really paying attention to the specifics.  All my MP3′s sounded drab and uninspired and I was really disappointed in they way these earbuds performed.

If there was some way to tighten up the sound and make the earbuds stay stable in your ears then I’ll have some thing different to say about these.  I’m giving them one star because they do what they say they do, vibrate.  You’ve been warned.


  • They vibrate
  • Lightweight


  • Downright bad sound
  • They vibrate out of your ears
  • Overpriced
  • Cord is way too long

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Jeff B