Peagusus Spy Pen

Now here’s a spy pen you can be proud of, the Pegasus PJ-003 Spy Pen comes with four gig of onboard memory and the capacity to take VGA video (that’s 640X480 for those of you who don’t follow resolution charts) all for $99.99.

But here’s the kicker–Amazon’s offering them up unusually cheap, in fact, about forty percent off.  They’re currently available for $59.99.

The device is selling like figurative hotcakes, currently ranked number one on the Electronics Movers and Shakers chart, or the Amazon chart that shows the highest jumps in rank according to sales.   I’ve never been so clear on what exactly makes these things so popular–a portable video camera that looks like a pen?  Does anyone really need to take surreptitious video or is this one just for the stalkers?

So if you’ve been looking for a nice, surreptitous way to take video just about anywhere, the Pegasus PJ-003 should be about what you need.  Oh, and if you can answer the above question, I’d definitely appreciate it, so hit the comments section, huh?