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Doormat Scale Keeps Unwanted Guests Away


How fitting for the holidays.  When you arrive for that glutenous dinner you have no choice but to perform a preconsumption weigh in.  Then when you head home topped up on eggnog and Christmas cookies you can see how many pounds you’ve tacked on. ...


Pentagon Plans Zombie Pig Project: Night of the Living Swine?

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Now, you might look at the above title, and conclude that I’ve finally gone whistling fruitcrackers clear round the bend.  Or maybe just thoroughly insane for those who don’t like colorful metaphors.  But I assure you it is true–the Pentagon is currently hard at work spending your tax dollars on...

R2-D2 Statue Insane Detail

1/6 To Scale R2-D2 Statue With “Insane Detail”


We’ve seen our fair share of Star Wars crap but probably nothing as detailed as this R2-D2 Statue.  As the product page states there is “insane detail”.  It’s 1/6 to scale, has slots for Lightsabers, pop out scopes and a set of removable arms that includes a saw, soldering tool...


Electrolux Readying iPod Vacuum (video)


Holy off the freaking reservation.  What kind of hooch are the R&D folks at Electrolux’s labs smoking? After performing a studying and proving that folks vacuum better to tunes – at 70bpm that is – they’ve decided to base a product off the research.  Enter the Electrolux UltraSilencer vacuum with...


MiSoccer iPod Dock Will Surely Kick It!


With World Cup 2010 around the corner, it seems like a perfect time to unveil the MiSoccer iPod Dock.  From the makers of the awesome sounding iPig, this dock system is pretty much the same thing with a soccer facelift.  Sporting 2.1 sound, two full-range drivers deliver the stereo sound...


Airplane Seat Back Valet


I was about to immediately WTF? this but quickly realized how useful is just might be.  With your one carry on stuffed above you and the other one jammed under the seat in front of you, it’s often hard to get to the things you need during a long flight. ...