national geographic hard drive

I know what you’re thinking–that may be one of the most specific gadgets ever made, but I assure you it exists.  If you’ve ever spent any time rummaging through the many issues National Geographic has put out over the years, then I’m about to give you a massive nostalgia overload.

Today we’re talking the National Geographic hard drive.

It really is about what it sounds like–an external 160 gigabyte hard drive that containes a hundred and twenty years of National Geographic issues, going all the way back to issue 1 from 1888.

Now, here’s where things get interesting.  As it turns out, 160 gigs is about 100 too many for the collection, which only occupies 60 gig of space.  Thus, if you buy this, you get every issue of National Geographic preserved in their entirety (even the original ads are inside!), plus you get 100 gig of hard drive space, free.

And considering you can get one of these for $200 dollars, if you have even the least interest in National Geographic, this is one purchase you must make.