JVC HA-S650 Review

The JVC HA-S650′s are a lightweight and affordable solution for those looking for a decent pair of comfortable headphones.  With sound quality fitting to the under $50 price range the JVC HA-S650′s bring significant quality in an streamlined package.

Visually, the JVC HA-S650′s look pretty nice with black glossy and matte finishes blending together to create a very modern aesthetic.  The cushioning on the earpads is very soft and comfortable, and wearing them for extended periods of time presented no such annoyances.

The cord is of a standard length and is also lightweight and easy to deal with.  The stainless steel headband works well with fitting and is accurately shaped.  I was very pleased with the overall weight and fit of the JVC HA-S650′s and they would be great as an airplane headphone for an older adult.  There is no such noise reduction technology in effect but the JVC HA-S650′s do a fair job at warding off unwanted frequencies.

On the sound side, the JVC HA-S650′s are just ok.  There’s going to be nothing really that standout about these headphones as they are kind of dull in their representation of the sound spectrum.  They sound closed off and narrow and not very full.


The bass was a bit muffled and treble and mid range frequencies were about the same.  Nothing about the sound was very crafted and it didn’t seem to be a major focus of the design.  I enjoyed them more while playing video games and watching TV, but I thought they weren’t very good for listening to MP3′s.

The JVC HA-S650′s are going to be best received by people my parents age (early 60′s) that are more concerned about the comfort of the headphones rather than the quality of the sound.  In fact, anybody who doesn’t really have a discerning audio palette will enjoy these headphones.  With price in mind, these are a great pair of headphones that will be easy on your head as well as providing adequate sound depending on the scenario.


  • Lightweight
  • Cushy feel
  • Affordable


  • Nothing special sound

Buy the JVC HA-S650 Lightweight Headphones here for $42!

Jeff B