As far as iPhone cases are concerned, there’s a ton of them.  Which ones are good?  Dropping $30 or so just to try one out is a pricey gamble.  The iSkin Revo tries to do some cool things but, ultimately falls flat in the overall.

The look of the case is modern and it feels pretty nice to hold and grip due to its semi-sticky molding.  The one I reviewed wasn’t fully cut.  It had some exposed pieces protruding from the exterior that effected the grip and anyone inspecting the case would point it out.  Not a huge deal but you can tell the manufacturing was a bit shabby.


The main feature of the iSkin Revo is the removable plastic shield that covers the face of the iPhone.  I’ve already lost it.  Since it’s clear and not actually connected to the rest of the case, it is very easy to misplace and then subsequently lose.  I don’t understand the design logic behind this feature.  The idea was that you could store the plastic shield behind the case, but it didn’t really stay in place there and I quickly found myself putting it in my pocket or elsewhere.

The remedy to this would be a swiveling hinge but even then I don’t really think cases need this level of protection, especially since you can’t access the phone’s controls anyway.  The case also comes with the protective film, adding a more useful layer of protection to your iPhone.

Another thing I didn’t like about this case was the way the inputs are covered.  They have these tabs that are supposed to plug in secure to the headphone jack and Apple connector, but they never do.  The sort of stick in but more often than not come unplugged in your pocket.  Just as in the plastic shield, they quickly become useless.


Overall, I can’t say to many positive things about this case.  there are just too many better ones to choose from.  Even other ones designed by iSkin.  While the intentions might have been in the right place, the finished product just doesn’t exude quality of design.  I’d look elsewhere for another case that actually satisfies its feature list.


  • Nice aesthetic
  • Easy feel and grip


  • Lackluster features
  • Losable features

But the iSkin Revo here for $25!

Jeff B