There are times when I look at the Japanese with a look of vague unease and alarm, because they’re doing things out there that push the boundaries of science and Things Man Was Not Meant To Know.

And today, they prove their love for giving me the ever-loving blue-eyed CREEPS via the Kororo Android.

They’re basically a line of life-sized robots designed to look like, well, you.  And from that picture above, it’s not exactly an easy thing to say that that doesn’t look like an actual human being.  In fact, I’d say it gets pretty close to that whole “uncanny valley” thing where simulations look entirely too lifelike for comfort.

The androids even make appearances in commercials for department store chain Sogo & Seibu, as part of their highly-charged competition for sales during the holiday season.  Each one of these costs a whopping $225, 000 (yeah, as in “almost a quarter million dollars), can move its upper body and is made out of silicone.  Only two models are currently available, though, so don’t be too concerned about your robot double suddenly getting your job.