Oh brother.  When Rollerblades hit in the 90s it was as if the Roller Skate had never been invented until the day of their release.  I was just a tween at the time but Rollerblades (the brand not the product) showed up in my home town with a mini van full of the skates and let folks try them out for free.  It worked, because I ended up buying a few pairs.

While I don’t think the Chariot Skates will ever catch on with the same fervor, the carbon fiber constructed skates appear to be a more practical mode of transportation due to the relatively large wheels which should provide greater speeds, inertia and less pushing.  Of course, to get them moving it might take a bit more energy than the average Rollerblade wheel.

Right now the Chariot Skates are in preproduction testing and due out any day now.  Check the video after the ‘leap’ for their test videos.

[via OhGizmo]


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