Buffalo BR-X1216U3

If you’ve been waiting for a beefy Blu-Ray burner, then the Buffalo BR-X1216U3 could be worth looking into.  Sporting USB 3.0 speeds up to x12, you can burn a 25Gb disc in about 11 minutes, which is about 50% faster than the majority of Blu-Ray burners currently available.

Also compatible with USB 2.o at slower speeds, the Buffalo BR-X1216U3 comes with software for converting and upscaling standard DVD’s to the Blu-Ray format.  The end result is going to be anything all that fantastic but if you’re looking to phase out your old DVD player it could be a good idea.

On sale in now in Japan, the Buffalo BR-X1216U3 goes for $450.  Do you need this?

[via EverythingUSB]


Jeff B