I admit, this one surprised me when I first found it.  It’s a bit of a puzzler that someone would actually test this and discover that, it’s indeed possible to make not only a computer keyboard but also an optical mouse out of bamboo.

But that’s exactly what we’ve got here, thanks to the crew out at Brando.

The keyboard is a normal 109-key keyboard–no hotkeys for email or multimedia here–and the mouse is your standard two button scroll wheel mouse–no tilt wheel or programmable extra buttons.  It’s all a bit plain vanilla, but it works with any Windows 2000 and up system as well as any Linux system. Plus you get the added panache of being able to say that your computer is environmentally friendly.

You can buy the computer from Brando directly for $39.00, the mouse by itself for $19.00, or get a full combo pack for $52.00, a six dollar savings.