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Joby Gorillapod SLR Digital Camera Tripod Review

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Joby GorillaPod’s have been a welcome new species over the last several years in the digital camera arena.  The SLR version is a giant GorillaPod capable of handling the weight of these larger cameras while still allowing for the expressive stylings Joby is known for. What I’ll mention right away...


LockFace USB Stick With Facial Recognition By Futen


Claiming 98% accuracy, this 4GB flash drive uses your computer’s webcam to identify whether or not it’s you accessing the memory stick.  All you have to do for set-up is register a couple pictures of yourself showcasing some of your best high security faces and you’re good to go. The...


WakeMate Alarm Clock


Have problems with oversleeping?  Designed to analyze your sleep patterns and wake your once your fully rested, the WakeMate works with any BlueTooth enabled cell phone.  To surmise on how it works, the cell phone does all the set-up and transmits the information to the bracelet. Oversleeping is a routine...


X Rocker Wireless Pedestal Gaming Chair

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To some, keeping their gaming habits unseen can be an annoying OCD endeavor.  The X Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair offers wireless 2.1-channel 915mHz sound,  transmitting up to 65 feet away and capable of transmitting up to eight chairs simultaneously. Each chair has 2 tweeter/mid-range speakers incorporated into the headrest with...


Acoustiglove iPod Nano Case From Burton Technologies


Talk about forward thinking.  Looking like one of those meat logs tied with twine (or my buddy’s arms), the Acoustiglove silicone iPod Nano case from Burton Technologies is a great new way to stow your Apple Earbuds. As you can see, the cord is wrapped tightly around the case with...