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Nokia N900 - 3

Nokia N900 Unboxing (video)


Yesterday I received the highly anticpated Nokia N900.  I’m currently charging the phone for a hands on, but here’s a quick unboxing video for your perusal.  The phone ain’t too heavy in the hand, but boy is it thick.  Let’s hope the size pays off in processing power and ease...


AQ Amigo LapTop USB Speaker


Measuring in at a tiny .98 inches thick, this cool laptop speaker from AQ Amigo is powered through USB and slips to the top of your laptop screen for maximum effectiveness.  The main force behind this speaker is the fact that it uses two 1.2-watt 19 mm “Exciter” drivers that...

Simpsons Talking Alarm Clock

The Simpsons Talking Alarm Clock

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Waking up in the morning is never a fun experience, even at the tender age of 30 I struggle with the daily activity.  But not any more thanks to ‘The Simpsons Talking Bar Buddies Alarm Clock’.  Each character speaks three different phrases to wake you up at the crack of...

Peanut Butter Maker

Peanut Butter Maker Reminds Me Of Fight Club


That vat of peanut butter is just so easy on the eyes!  According to the product page, you insert unshelled nuts of any type into this machine and it will churn out the butter like it ain’t no thang.  You can choose between smooth and chunky with the flip of...

7 port usb hub

A 7-port USB Hub With Articulating Arms


This most certainly isn’t the first cylindrical USB hub that we’ve seen, but it’s the first to sport a set of arms that can rotate 90 degrees to point upward or outward.  You can grab this 7 port USB hub for $15 not including shipping. Read...

Beer Belt

Beer Belt Facilitates Quick Fire Shotgunning


You best be prepared at next Sunday’s tailgate party and that means sporting the Beer Belt, a quick fire 6 beer holster.  And I know what you’re thinking, “where’s the insulation”.  But don’t you see?  The purpose of this military equipped beer drinking device is to guzzle your can (or...


Eye Clock Gives You The Googlies 24/7


Based on a design from way back in the 20’s, this rolling Eye Clock is sure to watch your back for you.  Funny enough, the clock runs on one AA battery per eye and is on sale now for $32.  I’m not so sure I’d wanna read time like this...

bev wizard wine pourer

The Bev Wizard Wine Pourer – Fun With Magnets


All right, folks, listen up, because today we’re gonna get some CULTURE. The field of “wine accessories” isn’t actually a very widely traveled one, especially around here. But as it turns out, a myriad of different gadgets can be found to handle the vino. And today we’re talking about the...

Motion Detecting Mini Camcorder

Motion Detecting Palm Sized Camcorder For Under $60


Chinavision never ceases to amaze us with their endless myriad of novelty products.  But novelty doesn’t mean useless. The Ultra Compact MiniDV Camcorder can record 640×480 video and capture 2 megapixel photos, but the real meat of this product is its ability to start recording when it detects motion.  And...