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Moshi Voice Controlled Talking Alarm Clock Review


Not really being sure if this clock was designed with the blind and hard of seeing in mind, this voice controlled/talking timepiece is an interesting piece of gadgetry indeed.  The Moshi Voice Controlled Talking Alarm Clock, or Moshi, as I will refer to it throughout the rest of this review,...

Buffalo BR-X1216U3

Buffalo USB 3.0 X12 Blu-Ray Burner

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If you’ve been waiting for a beefy Blu-Ray burner, then the Buffalo BR-X1216U3 could be worth looking into.  Sporting USB 3.0 speeds up to x12, you can burn a 25Gb disc in about 11 minutes, which is about 50% faster than the majority of Blu-Ray burners currently available. Also compatible...


Incase Perforated Snap Case


I’m a firm believer in brandishing an iPhone in the raw.  What I mean by that is that no case should be added.  But of course, then Incase goes and intros the Perforated Snap Case and totally throws me a curve ball.  Just like the pair of Clae sneakers I...


A 90 Second Beer Chiller, Just Add Ice And Beer

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Jamming warm beers into a freezer will hardly result in a cold beverage minutes later.  Submerging them in ice water on the other hand, that’ll result in a cold beer before you’re done firing up the charcoal grill. And hence this portable sized beer chiller.  Sure, it has gimmick written...


Gadget Wall Decal Helps You Stay Equipped


Forgetting a digital camera on a hot night out can be potentially devastating.  To help you stay connected with all you gadgets and such, a new wall decal has emerged to keep you and your gear in check. I kinda wish there was more decals to choose from and mix...

Pacman Watch

Pacman Watch Gobbles The Seconds On Your Wrist


If Pacman isn’t disappearing on a mug he is appearing inside a watch on your wrist. Okay, the watch itself isn’t that attractive, but who cares when you’ve got your favorite retro video game star running circles on your wrist.  You’ll need to hurry, though, because Clubnamco has only produced...


The MIRT, or, Scariest Device Ever


Are you a security guard?  Do you work at a funeral home?  Work traffic for the city?  Have your PI license?  If you said yes to any of these, then you might be able to pick up one of the most terrifying gadgets I’ve written about in a long time,...