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iPhone plug with USB Hub

USB Hub With Built-in iPod Plug


Although I’m not remotely religious: praise the freakin’ Lord!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve unplugged another USB gadget on my Macbook Pro to plug in my iPhone or iPod Shuffle.  If you’ve got the same laptop then you know what I’m talking about – 2 USB inputs...


Maplock Is ‘The Club’ Of GPSes

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Don’t be a fool, look up your tool…GPS tool that is.  Apparently these things are getting ganked and yanked out of cars faster than you can reach for your can of pepper spray.  So one Australian company, Who-rae, has come up with a product to prevent GPS theft....

Taipan Shadow-1

Booq Bags ‘Taipan Shadow’ Messenger Bag Is All I Need


Booq Bags is at it again.  This time around they’ve released the Taipan Shadow.  Though it lacks any ninja throwing stars, the Shadow is a durable messenger bag with a built-in padded 15-inch laptop compartment.  It’s always difficult to gauge just how much crap these tings can hold, but if...


Lexus LF-A Crystallized Wind Is A See-Through Car


No, seriously–a transparent car.  I’m talking about the Lexus LF-A Crystallized Wind, a car made entirely out of ACRYLIC GLASS. It was apparently being exhibited at the Tokyo Auto Show,  and may well be the first car ever made out of glass. Now, chances are, this is just one of...