Daily Archives: December 2, 2009

Domino Laying Truck-1

This Domino Truck Does The Laying


Trust Brando to sell a toy that makes me say “why didn’t I think of that”.  The domino dropping truck removes the painstaking process of laying out the rectangle shaped, topple-me-over toys.  You can choose between a straight line or set the steering to a curve. As much as I...

Sony FVA-U1 Vein Scanner

Sony To Release Portable USB Vein Scanner


We last heard about Sony’s Mofiria vein authentication system in February and then poof, nothing more on the tech.  That is until today.  Sony is set to release the FVA-U1, which is based on the Mofiria technology and plugs into any USB enabled device that can accept the necessary security...

gray & blue HUGlight

The Huglight, or, Sappy Name, Sweet Product


If you’ve ever been in bed at night longing for a good read, but sick of all the various book lights out there–they sit on the nightstand, they hook the book, maybe you’ve tried head lamps or resting the light on your shoulder.  Well, Amazon has heard your pleas for...

FlipShare TV

FlipShare TV Wirelessly Beams Flip Movies To Your TV


Looks like we were spot on when it came to the leaked info and pics of the FlipShare TV.  As we assumed it won’t need to connect to your home’s Internet connection.  Instead it will utilize its own wireless 802.11n USB dongle to transmit your Flip camcorder movies from your...