Yoomi Bottle Warmer Gets Milk The Perfect Temperature

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1 Comment to Yoomi Bottle Warmer Gets Milk The Perfect Temperature

  1. The article and manufacturer do not point out that powdered infant formula MUST be prepared using fresh water with a minimum temperature of 70C, any lower is not hot enough to kill pathogens that exist in formula milk powder which is not a sterile product even though tins/packs are sealed. The feed can then be cooled to the infants preferred temperature by holding the bottle under cold running water.

    Therefore this Yoomi bottle product is not ideal for use in conjunction with formula milk powder.

    Clare Byam-Cook as a former nurse/midwife who has endorsed the product should know this but appears not to be upto date with best practice.

    Whilst the Yoomi is not safe to use as marketed with powdered formula, commercially sterile ready to feed liquid packs would be okay – unfortunately they are notably more expensive than powdered formula.

    Gastroenteritis alone in bottlefed infants costs the UK NHS (therefore taxpayer) approx £50million per year.

    Please safely protect the health of babies fed formula & check out the NHS upto date bottle feeding leaflet for further info. This safe preparation of powdered formula info is also available from the world health organisation.

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