Remember just a year ago, when Wiis were almost impossible to find in stores and you could make a pretty fair chunk of cash by selling one of these hot little properties on eBay?  Well, a year makes a pretty huge difference, and now, there’s a Wii in most every home that wants one.  Of course, this has posed a whole new problem for Nintendo.

The company that could do no wrong just this time last year, is now facing–get this–a forty percent drop in quarterly revenues, and no immediate indication that things will get better.

Admittedly, there were only so many units they could ever sell, period–who really needs TWO Wiis?–but Nintendo exec Satoru Iwata thinks he’s got the answer: it’s all about the games.  People are starting to realize that there aren’t a whole lot of good, high-demand games for their system.  After all, you can only play so many Wario Ware titles before you start to lose the point.

But I’m with him on that one–the Wii needs more games. And not just big mini-game collections, either, but actual GAMES.  They’ve got a great platform, if only they’d do something with it.