If you’re still pining after a touchscreen Mac and can’t hold out any longer for the long rumored Apple Tablet computer, well, you’re in luck, kind of.  More like in debt considering the prices I’m about to tell you about.

Troll Touch, whose apparently been outfitting Macs with touch resistive screens for sometime now, just announced the availability of their latest batch of touchscreen units for the newest iMacs and the Macbook White Unibody.  For the iMac you can do it yourself for just $1,099, but that will only score you the smallest size.  Or you can drop $3,699 for the largest iMac complete with touchscreen already installed.  The Macbook version goes for $1,699 and that includes the machine.

At these prices I might concede and buy a Windows based machine.  Also, it’s touch resistive, which we all know can be bit arduous to say the least, though the video above seems to prove otherwise.

[via Yahoo]

Christen Costa

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