I love the Japanese.  Everything weird comes from Japan, I swear.  Everything from USB gloves to dustmop attachments for babies…and now, the Like A Spoon Mouse.

I know, computer mice are a dime a dozen.  But this one may well be strangest by dint of several key points.  One, it’s wireless, which is cool but admittedly not that uncommon.  Two, it’s tiny. VERY tiny.  It runs off a single AAA battery and weighs 115 grams.  That’s a tiny mouse.  Three, it’s shaped, well, kind of like a spoon.  Or rather, just the bowl part.  In fact, it’s almost shaped like one of those hellacious hockey-puck mice that got people so enraged at Apple back in the day.

But here’s the most interesting part about the whole thing.  These sell for 8000 yen.  Yeah, that’s eight THOUSAND yen, by way of clarification.  A yen is still approximately equal to one penny, so you can figure roughly $90 gets you one of these strange little mice.  Though for the life of me, I can’t see why you’d want one, unless you HAVE to have every Japanese thing you see.