You ever play around with those old water rocket launchers when you were a kid?  Fill the plastic rocket up with water, clip it onto the base, pump the rocket full of air, then fire?  Well, as is the case with a lot of toys, it’s recently undergone something of a upward modification in the form of the Aquapod Bottle Launcher.

Now, instead of a little rocket, you use an ordinary plastic bottle.  And instead of a little plastic pump, you use a bicycle pump.

Aquapod Bottle Launcher

You can draw the basic conclusions yourself–this is abundantly more powerful than the plastic rocket launchers of our childhood.  And if you happen to get a little out of control with the pumping, the Aquapod is designed to vent “excess” air so as not to damage the frame.

Plus, not only is this the kind of awesome toy we all would’ve loved as kids, it’s also the basis for a painfully easy science fair project.  The design allows you to easily vary the water used, so you can make changes to the amount of air used AND the amount of water to see what generates the most thrust.

And for $24.99, well, there’s few better Christmas gift possibilities here.