Later this month marks the release of the Sony PlayTV, a Tivo-esque HDTV recorder that hooks to your PS3 and records television to the PS3′s hard drive.  They’ll be asking $169.95, at least in Australia, and can actually be used to record TV while the Playstation is actually playing games or Blu-ray discs.

Even more interesting, the PSP will work like a remote for the system, similar to how Apple uses the iPod touch or iPhone as a remote on its own stuff.

This has actually been something of a bit of vaporware for the Aussies, who’ve been waiting on this one since the start of 2009, but Sony made a bit of a splash when they put the announcement that this would come out in the second half of 2009 in writing.  Will it actually make it to market?  Time will tell, but not much of it.