Punjabi Police Discover Newest Law Enforcement Gadget, The Taser

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3 Comments to Punjabi Police Discover Newest Law Enforcement Gadget, The Taser

  1. I don’t know, Jodo–there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence on this point. A LOT of misuse going on, and that bit about their use as torture devices also carries some documentation. Let’s not be too quick to dismiss the “tales told in the media or by zealous activists”.

  2. Amen Jodo. I have to weigh in on this article’s closing. The reason law enforcement worldwide is accepting TASER technology is that it’s the missing tool in the tool box that offers a safer and effective response to resistance while enhancing law enforcement accountability. It’s proven to reduce injuries to both officers AND suspects. The bottom line is that pain compliance tools can’t match this safer technology when compared to fists, kicks, batons, K-9 bites, and impact munitions. The proof is in the results. One independent study sponsored by the US Department of Justice showed that of 1,201 TASER deployments, 99.75 percent of the suspects had no significant injury. Next time, get the facts…
    Steve Tuttle
    Vice President of Communications
    TASER International

  3. “t’s a wonder any police department is actually looking at them.”

    Because police departments study the facts of taser’s use, that are very favorable, and don’t put much stock in “tales” told in the media or by zealous activists.

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