In what I would consider total tech weirdness, the Presence in Absence USB Couples Locket is unique idea for those engaged in long distance relationships.  Sort of like a digital scrapbook you wear around your neck I really don’t know what to think about this.


Developed by recent Swedish graduate Colm Keller, the Presence in Absence USB is made from birch wood and porcelain caps.  With the included craft knife, the couple is supposed to cut apart the two drives and make necklaces out of them. 

When the couples reunite they plug their appropriate USB drives onto the included hub and their digital scrapbooks are combined.  So why couldn’t this be done with any old USB drives?


I think what Colm is trying to achieve is a bond between humans and technology that may or may not appeal to modern couples.  It actually reminds me of that vial of blood that Angelina and Billy Bob used to wear.  No word on price or availability.  What do we think of this?


Jeff B