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Dwarf Omni-Directional USB Speaker


Looking like anything but, this little USB speaker is capable of 360 degrees of sound output.  Priced at $25,  this could be a great addition to your set-up, especially if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. This speaker could also be used apart from computers and...

Transforming Sofa Bunk Bed-1

Is It A Couch Or A Bunk Bed

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Well ain’t that nifty.  This couch, which looks like you’re everyday trendy lounger, transforms into a bunk bed.  It’s even got a set of built-in guard rails and ladders.  How comfortable it is though is anyone’s guess, as is the price or availability. One more pic after the ‘leap’...

COD World At War Zombie iPhone-1

Call Of Duty Zombie Board Invades The iPhone


When ‘COD: World At War‘ hit the scene last year everyone and their little brother was ultra psyched for the Zombie board. After all, who doesn’t like slaying zombies, let alone Nazi Zombies. Now their first board, ‘Nacht der Untoten’ (German for ‘night of the dead’) has been transposed to...

RC Controlled Lawnmower

R/C Controlled Lawnmower (video)


No one likes mowing the lawn, but what if I told you could sit back on the porch, sip a cold glass of mom’s home made lemonade all the while trimming the greens?  Yeah, I bet you’d be sold. So it ain’t as simple as cruising down to your local...