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Bike + Stroller = The Taga Bike Stroller (video)

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The Taga combines a high end stroller with, you guessed it, a bicycle.  But of course, like most high end strollers it’s not cheap; it starts at about $2,400. So what else do you get for all that cash?  An aluminum frame, Shimano Nexus Inter-3 internal gear hub, disc brakes,...

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Gaming Rumor: Sony To Bring FireFox To The PS3?


I can say right now that I have never really needed to use the web browser on my PS3.  Maybe because I have other ways to access the net.  For those of you who rely on your PS3 web browser will find it interesting that reports are coming in about...


Solar Powered Christmas Lights


Even though winter isn’t generally known for sun, a beefy array of Christmas lights will always run up your electricity bill.  These solar powered lights might be a great alternative for those on a budget but not willing to cut out the holiday cheer.  However, the cost of this expensive...


Accordian Style Folding Speaker


Huh.  Powered by USB or two AA batteries, this folding speaker’s design “creates a large resonance chamber and makes the sound richer than most other small speakers.” For $18 it could be worth a try though at this point you probably already have a set of speakers for your MP3...


Balloon-Copter Is Not A Hoax


Balloons have really gotten a bad rap lately.  To usher in a new era of balloon appreciation comes the Balloon-Copter.  Its design and premise is simple in that it is a propeller that is powered by the CO2 in the balloon....


Playstation Store Gets Huge Boost


Okay, PS3 gamers, pay attention, because you’ve FINALLY got a response to all those Xbox 360 gamers who keep laughing at you because your system has no games and is deeply inferior to theirs. See, the PS3 is getting some interesting augments that will boost its credibility by plenty.  I’ve...

Bomb Proof Wallpaper Actually Works (video)


Yeah, you read the title right.  It’s called X-Flex bombproof wallpaper and based on PopSci’s test video I’d say it works.  Sure, this isn’t a full sized wall, like you’d find in a building or home, but one can only hope that the wallpaper’s strength scales relative to the wall...


HypnosEye Projector For Your iPhone

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The HypnosEye Projector is a completely wireless projector and is a cheap and easy way for you to display visual media from your iPhone.  It actually works with any phone that has an adjustable brightness as it uses a special mirror with a reflection agent at the top of the...