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The Like A Spoon Mouse–Overpriced Japanese Hardware


I love the Japanese.  Everything weird comes from Japan, I swear.  Everything from USB gloves to dustmop attachments for babies…and now, the Like A Spoon Mouse. I know, computer mice are a dime a dozen.  But this one may well be strangest by dint of several key points.  One, it’s...


iSkin Solo FX Review


Finding an iPhone case that’s attractive and utilitarian isn’t always easy.  It is now.  The iSkin Solo FX is a totally swank iPhone case that will have onlookers gawking uncontrollably at what they think is an absolutely unknown phone....


Buffalo SuperSpeed USB 3.0 External Hard Drives Now Available


USB 3.0 is starting to gain some marketplace traction, and you can now buy Buffalo’s new line of Super Speed external USB 3.0 hard drives.  Available in 1TB($200), 1.5TB ($250), and 2TB ($400) variations, the hard drives also come with Memeo AutoBackup software and a one year warranty.  Be the...


Wind Up Unverisal Remote Control


It may not have the same technological prowess as NEC’s batteryless remote, but it accomplishes the same feat and probably at a fraction of the cost. The Wind Up Universal Remote Control can take up to 30 spins of its ‘Jog Shuttle’ power wheel, which will power it up to...


iXP3 Internet Messaging Clock


The iXP3 Internet Messaging Clock is a unique item that broadcasts messages in what appears to be thin air.  The ethernet port on that back allows you to plug it into your network and effectively send it messages from around the world. As a free service, all messages are sent...

GeniMini: A Portable Sega Genesis (video)


[GR]MPRtAd3SCHc[/GR] What’s a GeniMini?  A portable Sega Genesis, but of course.  Like the portable Dreamcast we saw in October, this one too is built by Hailrazer (aka John Jandron).  I  like how he just whipped it together because he was ‘bored’....


72-In-1 Universal Memory Card Reader


Capable of reading over 70 memory card formats, this all in one device could be your one and only.  Mac and PC compatible via USB, this Universal Memory Card Reader has 6 different slots that support 23 CompactFlash cards, 23 Memory Stick cards, 24 MMC and SD cards, microSD cards,...

yoomi bottle

Yoomi Bottle Warmer Gets Milk The Perfect Temperature

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Parents out there, you know how hard it can be to get a baby’s bottle warmed just right.  But now, thanks to the Yoomi bottle, you can get the temperature of a bottle of milk EXACTLY to the right temperature. The Yoomi bottle takes up to five ounces of milk...


Samson GoMic Review


Anybody looking for a extremely portable USB condenser Microphone need look no further.  The Samson Go Mic is the ultimate solution for portable recording on a budget. To start, the aesthetic of the GoMic is very Apple.  The silver and black microphone complimented my MacBook Pro as if they were...


USB Sofas Bring New Meaning To File Sharing


Designed for use in boutique hotels and cyber cafes across the globe, these USB sofas let you take a load off while transferring files.  Each sofa has 14Gb’s of space for file sharing and you’d could play some cool scavenger hunt type games with these placed around your city. Not...