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USB Powered UV ToothBrush Cleaner By Thanko


Having yet to blame a sickness on a dirty toothbrush, I’m sure there’s plenty of you hypo-germaphobes out there that would love to have a gadget like this.  All that is needed is a fresh USB port and you are ready to get your sanitize on. Looks like a great...

eco-otome-toilet mask

Eco-Otome Toilet Sound Blocker Is


And now for some poop talk.  Every take a dump in a public place and feel a bit too squeamish to hammer out that last turd due to embarrassment?  Well if the beginning of my post hasn’t grossed you out on this wonderful Friday afternoon, then you’ll be pleased to...

ICD Vega-1

ICD’s Vega Tablet Is Looking Deliciously Tasty


See you later Apple and Michael Arrington, hellos ICD.  IC who?  Innovative Converged Devices.  Don’t worry, if you haven’t heard of them before I think you’re with the majority, such as myself.  Today they announced something called the Vega and it looks bad ass to say the least. Inside the...

DSI Studio Kit

DSi Studio Kit Adds Flash To Your DSi


Want a flash for your DSi?  Then be prepared to be emasculated because Thrustmaster’s Studio Kit is anything but manly. In the package they’ve included a snap on flash, a not so attractive shiny bag, in addition to a macro and telephoto lens.  And if you want to ‘add a...


USB Massage Scarf Looks Like It’s Fisting Itself


For those of us who spend countless hours staring at a screen it’s often easy for our necks to get thrown out of whack.  With adjustable levels of vibration to improve circulation, this USB massage scarf could be a great tension reliever in a multitude of scenarios. From long rides...


You’ve Seen The Netbook–Now Try The Smartbook

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Qualcomm just yesterday introduced a whole new brand of Lenovo gadget that’ll blow your mind open.  Check this out. It’s called the smartbook, and it combines all the best features of a smart phone and a netbook.  Slimmer than most smart phones and able to fit in the palm of...

Phonesuit Primo Battery Pack

Phonesuit Slims Down With The Primo Micro Battery Pack


There’s more than a fair share of iPhone battery backups on the market, but PhoneSuit’s latest, the Primo micro battery pack is jumping out at me.  Unlike other micro battery packs (except Griffin‘s), this one has 3 LED lights to indicate charge and can provide up to 3 hours additional...

black ops throat mic for iPhone

An iPhone Compatible Black Ops Throat Mic


You’d have to have some seriously huge nards to wanna wear the Black Ops Throat Mic in public, but that’s exactly what they intend for you to do since it’s iPhone compatible.  Then again, nothing is worse then the geektastic Bluetooth headsets that people wear as every day jewelry. Like...