Apple Grab n Go Sync

Based on a patent filing, it looks like Apple is ready to enhance and elaborate on their wireless syncing system, MobileMe.

While it’s still not clear to which devices this would apply to – the application references everything from an Apple TV to an Apple computer – it’s relatively evident that Apple is looking to get us away from syncing our iPhones (and perhaps soon to be other wireless products) via USB cord.

Ultimately, this would make our lives more simple as we’d be able to have access to all our work files as well as our music and videos without performing the arduous syncing process.  The service would probably be a subscription based program and connect all our Mac products to the ‘cloud’, negating the need for not only syncing but at home storage, such as Apple’s Timemachine.

One huge probable caveat, though, would be the inability to hack said wireless products, such as we’ve seen with Jailbroken iPhones, since it’s probably fair to assume that Apple could just push an update to the device.  Then again, you could just opt to not subscribe to the service.

Then again, this system could be much more locally based – after all the name is ‘Grab & Go’ – such as an at home wireless network, but that seems so unlike Apple, given their desire for grandeur and all.

[via Appleinsider]


Christen Costa

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