iControl Pad

Remote the iControlpad, the accessory that turned your iPhone into a real deal portable gaming machine?  Well they’re back, and this time around they’ve gone bigger, bolder and more powerful.  More powerful you say?  Yup, this version has a built-in battery that chargers your iPhone as you hammer out levels of TapTap Revenge, or in their case Mario Kart.

According to the maker, the feedback they got from the first iteration was that it was too cramped.  And then they realized they’d have to produce a different version for each new iPhone.  While I don’t know if this iteration will accept every iPhone currently on the market, its larger size definitely gives way for physical ‘inserts’ to allow for such a feat.

And yes, those are two analog sticks that you’re seeing.  They’ve got access to the parts used on the openPandora handheld.  Can you say ‘see you later’ PSPGo?

There is no word on a release date, but let’s just hope they make it foldable for greater portability, because right now it’s looking a bit too fat.

Video of it in action after the ‘leap’


Christen Costa

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