icarte-110 RFID iPhone Accessory

It’ll be a long time, if not never, that Americans start using NFC (near field communication) to pay for their goods via a cell phone.  But just in case you want to be on the cutting edge and happen to have a need to read and send RFID signals than you’re in luck.  Wireless’ Dynamics just announced the iCarte 110, an accessory plugs into the iPhone or iPod Touch’s 30 pin connector and adds the aforementioned abilities to the handset.

NFC enabled cell phones has long been used in a few Asian countries to quickly pay for goods at say a quickie mart or 7-11, something called contactless payment – it essentially means your cell phone is a credit or debit card.  While I don’t see that happening here in the US anytime soon (it has been tested in the US), RFID is growing with popularity, albeit on the corporate level and is largely used for keeping track of warehouse inventory.

[via Slashgear]


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