Apple TV $30 RumorWould you pay $30 a month for access to TV programming on your computer?  Apple hopes so, or that’s how the rumor goes.

According to an industry insider, Apple is in talks with many of the networks to deliver an all you can eat TV service via their iTunes software.  Users would pay $30 a month and be able to stream shows from an assortment of channels as long as they had Internet access.

While it would be difficult to supplant the cable companies over night due to their relationships and contracts with the networks, it is a feasible proposition since more and more channels are looking to take their content online.  Many news sources are pointing to Disney as the ginny pig since they already have close ties with Apple, but at this point it’s all just speculation.

Keep in mind that a rumor recently emerged stating that Hulu might be switching some of their content to a pay model, which actually throws this Apple rumor a curve ball because I doubt those two (Fox and NBC) would want to share revenue when they could be selling it direct.  Then again, since Apple’s iTunes has an install base of 65 million, it might just be feasible.


Christen Costa

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