So the gadget recycling program, which usually offers credit on new gadgets purchased in the process, is continuing on.  Maybe you’ve been interested but haven’t been able to find a location near you handling it.

That’s okay, because now it’s got a new ally in Sears.  They’ll take gadgets in twenty different categories,and pretty much the only caveat is that it has to actually work.  You can send them nonworking equipment, which they’ll recycle for you at no cost, but you won’t get any credit for it.

The process is actually pretty simple–here’s the word from Sears’ own press release:

1. Visit
2. Get an offer on electronics by answering a few quick questions.
3. Ship items. Shipping is free and many customers will also qualify for a free shipping box.
4. The customer receives a Sears gift card in the mail for the total value of their items. As a special holiday promotion, through Dec. 31, 2009, participants will receive an additional 5 percent of the value of their trade-in, added to their Sears gift card.

So if you’ve got some old hardware sitting around that you want to trade in, or if you’re looking for a quick way to get a little extra holiday shopping cash, then head on over to Sears and get the credit you need, while emptying your house of clutter.