Daily Archives: November 30, 2009


PaperClip Lamp


The paperclip is one of those timeless inventions I think of when I’m having a not so smart day.  Now morphed into another invention, the PaperClip Lamp looks like your everyday giant sized paperclip, but it is also a fun LED desktop lamp. No word on the true reality of...

JTT’s WACA HD 8GB wristwatch

JTT’s WACA HD 8GB wristwatch Shoots Hi-Res Video


For the aspiring voyeur, or for those who love candid video and spy gear comes the JTT WACA HD 8GB wristwatch. The attractive looking man watch conceals a video camera capable of shooting at 1280 x 960 resolution at 30fps, fluctuating between 720p and 1080i resolution. Packing more technical prowess...


ION Tape Express Converts Old Cassettes Into MP3’s


A great number of people are sitting on a small mountain of cassette tapes from back in the hey day.  From mix tapes to singles recorded off the radio, the Tape Express is a compact solution to help bring that old medium into the MP3 era. Using the included EZ...


The Aquapod Bottle Launcher Works On Several Levels


You ever play around with those old water rocket launchers when you were a kid?  Fill the plastic rocket up with water, clip it onto the base, pump the rocket full of air, then fire?  Well, as is the case with a lot of toys, it’s recently undergone something of...