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Timed Red Light

Gadget Concept: Red Light With Countdown Timer


A countdown timer, like the one pictured here, could have a ‘double edge sword’ effect: motorists could anticipate when the light will turn green and shut off their engines (energy savings) or it could lead to some serious drag racing on local streets, something cops have long tried to combat...

Influ Mask-1



Your probably thinking that this here product is praying on the pandemic we call the Swine Flu. Well aren’t you wrong.  In fact, the INFLU mask does the complete opposite of a mask’s intended purpose, which is to keep germs out.  Instead, a small battery operated fan sucks in air. ...


Long Live The Crunchpad…In Our Dreams


Well, that’s it.  The Crunchpad is dead.  And after reading Michael Arrington’s post regarding the matter I’m saddened, really saddened by the turn of events (that is according to him).  Apparently Fusion Garage (the company building the Crunchpad) and its shareholders have decided to boot Arrington and co from the...

Call Of Duty Star Wars Mod (video)


[GR]aphtbAi-wOs[/GR] COD 6 (Modern Warfare 2) might be the world’s most popular game, but that doesn’t mean COD 4 Modern Warfare 1 doesn’t have a fighting chance.  Okay, who am I kidding.  MW2 is the bomb, but for Star Wars fans the first iteratoin of Modern Warfare will once again...

Botanical Air Purifier

Botanical Air Purifier: A Plant Powered Air Cleanser

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If you’re looking at one of these than the EPAs standards still aren’t up to snuff for you and your family.  But hey, like my Mom says, “better safe than sorry”.  So what’s this 2001 Space Odyssey contraption do?  By using the plants natural ability to filter toxins, combined with...