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Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Xbox 360 Exposed


The first MW2 Xbox 360 I got came with a broken face plate so it took me a couple days to get a replacement.  If you haven’t heard of this version before it’s actually a really great deal if your are in the market for a new Xbox 360. ...


The BrewTender Tabletop Beer & Beverage Dispenser


There something nice about operating a spigot.  It just makes you feel like you’re really doing something old world like.  The BrewTender Tabletop Beer & Beverage Dispenser holds 80 ounces of your favorite chilled beverage and allows people to serve themselves. Featuring built in lights to illuminate the beverage of...

Carhartt Turntable

Carhartt Portable Turntable

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Last I checked Carhartt was in the tough man clothing business.  But it turns out they’re getting trendy, really trendy.   They’ve now teamed up with Vestax to produce a portable turntable, you know, the thing that plays those vinyl discs. They claim that it can operate at a 90 degree...

Lakers Headphones

Skullcany NBA Headphones


I gotta hand it to Skullcandy, they’re masters of marketing.  Instead of inventing new products, they just rebrand them in a trendy and attractive lifestyle manner, thus cutting their costs and increasing their sales. Case in point: the NBA Headphone series.  Choose your favorite team and you can now represent...

Pacman Mug

Disappearing Pacman On A Mug


Hand this mug to someone, fill it with hot cider/tea/eggnog and Pacman, his enemies and tasty fruit treats will reveal themselves, that is until the beverage cools.  This mug has Urban Outfitter written all over it, but nonetheless, it could make the perfect holiday gift for the die retro gamer....


Middle Colors Humidifier Aroma Diffuser


Looking like something you might find on an alien planet, this humidifier slash aroma diffuser could be more of a gadget of want rather than need.  Designed by Hironao Tsuboi, this off world tear drop spouts a mist and has an ambient LED to keep your senses invigorated. You can...


iPhone Wall Dock Done DLO Style

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Wall docks can be pretty convenient placed around the house or used for travel purposes.  Today’s wall dock is from DLO and it sports a clutter free design compatible with the full range of iPods and iPhones. The wall charger also has a higher output so it effectively takes less...

d3o cases

D3O Gadget Cases Offer Incredible Shock Resistance


You may remember reading here, back in March, about the D3O protective plasticine goo being used in soldiers’ helmets, but now it’s got a more mundane use–as a gadget protector. Parent company Tech21 recently launched a wide array of smartphone and laptop cases that offer between, get this, “140 and...