Daily Archives: November 18, 2009

netflix nokia

Nokia And Netflix: Together, As It Should Be


If you happen to own one of five kinds of Nokia phone–an E72, E71x, 5800, N97, and N97 mini phones–and you’re fond of Netflix, then I’ve got some great news for you. Netflix, just two days ago, launched a new kind of app exclusively for those five phones, that will...

Tennis Ball Sling Shot

Doggy Tennis Ball Sling Shot


Your pooch just got a whole lot more fit. The Tennis Ball Launcher holds up to 4 balls, and like your childhood slingshot shoots them far and away using the power of a giant rubberband.  Of course I’m wondering what else I can jam in there.  Jars of grape jelly?...

Burton Vice Mittens

Burton’s Vice Mittens Are For Tools And Alcoholics


According to Burton, people in mittens can’t hold cans or bottles of soda, beer or whatever beverage you please.  Why?  Otherwise they wouldn’t have produced the overly useless Vice Mittens.  They features a zipper that yup, zips to reveal a built-in cozy system.  I guess if you’re willing to wear...